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Learn To Bake

We’re working hard to get The Bread Shop back open soon at our new location in Melrose! Until then we will be offering a series of baking classes. 

April 6, 2pm-5pm:

Focaccia/Pizza/Ciabatta class. We'll make several flavors of Focaccia, your own pizza and ciabatta doughs! 

April 21, 1pm-4pm:

Let's make Bagels and Schmear! Yup! We are making and baking bagels and mixing our own schmears, all from scratch!


April 13, 1pm-4pm:

May 11, 1pm-4pm:

Sourdoughs and Starters. This class we'll learn the ins and outs of fermentation and how to make a beginner sourdough starter at home.


Cinnamon buns-How to make The Bread Shops famous cinnamon buns at home. This is a perfect class for making cinnamon buns for yourself or that special mom in your life just in time for Mother's Day!

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